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**Levels are determined by the school year (the students age by the first day of the school year) and/or the discretion of the instructor.


Creative Movement

    - 2-3 years old

    - Parents must wait in the lobby while child          is taking class.


    - Ages 3-4 years old

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

    - 4,5, & 6 years old

Beginning Level Technique 

    - ages 7-10

Intermediate Level Technique

    - ages 11-15

Advanced Level Technique

    - 16 & up


    - beginning level for those 18 & up


Creative Movement

Basic entry ballet and tumbling level skills taught in a fun way! 30 minutes. Students will learn introductory movements, class structure, following directions, and working together. 30 Minutes.

Preschool: Ballet, Tap, & Tumbling

Basic entry level skills in ballet, tap, and tumbling. Creative movement. Learning to stand in line, listening to the teacher, following directions, taking turns and cooperating with a partner is accomplished at this age, all while exploring our love of dance! 1 hour.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Ballet, Tap, & Tumbling

Focusing on terminology & movement skills in ballet & tap. Tumbling and dance skills become slightly more difficult. 1 hour.

Beginner Technique

Class will be split into segments of ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and lyrical technique. Classes range from 30 Minutes to 1 hour.

Mini Hip-Hop

Learning creative movement to fun, upbeat, appropriate music. 30 minutes.

Advanced & Intermediate Level Classes

In these classes we take all accumulated knowledge and build. These classes are longer and for serious dancers. Classes range from 30 Minutes to 1 hour.

Flexibility & Conditioning

This class focuses on achieving and maintaining flexibility and strength for dancers. 30 minutes. 

Turns & Leaps

The goal of this class is to learn and perfect turns, leaps and tricks used in choreography. 30 minutes. 

Adult Classes

Adult classes combine physical fitness with dance technique! These classes are for those at a beginner level.

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